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Where to go from here Keys and scales Most music is in a particular key. Likewise, most songs use notes within a particular scale — a collection of notes in order from low to high. Major scales Here is the C major scale: The little dots show where these notes can be found on a piano keyboard.
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Keys and scales

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Major scales

Hey I’m trying to find the note of a few Audio samples i have (there just basic synth samples) seeing as i lack any proper musical background. other than knowing what every key sounds like, whats the best way to find out what key a track or piece of music is in? .I’m not musically. Im looking for a guide on how to make a track, in particular what key each sound or synth should be in. Im willing to pay for this if the material is.

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Mon Apr 06, 5: Im not sure if I explained this right, Im wanting some kind of a guide on what key to use for each type of element within a track if there is such a thing. As an example:

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HOWTO: Keys and scales | Learning Music (Beta)

edit, and mix your Ableton Live music files on your Mac faster and easier with our custom made keyboard with the most needed shortcuts already on the keys. Apr 18, I figured I would share my top 10 shortcuts in Ableton Live 10 to help you speed Also, a bonus shortcut while we are on the subject, the S key. the keyboard shortcuts in ableton live are as robust as they are useful. there are, however, opportunities for speeding up your production in the few areas the.

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